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Gamer Special Edition (engl) / Special Preview Issue / Paperback / 9 pages / printed in the USA / Wizards of the Coast / published: 2000

Enthält folgende, gekürzte Artikel aus Issue 01 (siehe unten) als Vorschau:

  • Your Transport to the Star Wars Universe is ready to boarding... / introduction / by Christopher Perkins (Editor-in-Chief) / 1 page
  • Understanding the Jedi Code / RPG article / by JD Wiker / 2 pages
  • Duel of the Fates / RPG article / by Andy Collins / 2 pages
  • Shipbuilding Secrets / RPG article / by Thomas M. Reid / 2 pages
  • Light Side Dark Side / comic / by Aaron Williams / 1 page

Gamer Volume 1, Number 1 (engl) / Issue 01 / Paperback / 6,99 US$ / 114 pages / printed in the USA / Wizards of the Coast / published: 09/2000

  • Editorial
  • Fiction:
    • Fair Prey by Daniel Wallace
      Hunted by a mortal enemy with a twisted sense of fair play, Cecil Noone learns that life is anything but a game.
    • The Starfighter Trap by Steve Miller
      Echo Flight defends Naboo against a threat from beyond and a traitor within. A tale inspired by the Star Wars: Episode I Starfighter game for PlayStation II.
  • RPG Articles:
    • Understanding the Jedi Code by JD Wiker
      Learn what it means to be a Jedi, and what it takes to play one.
    • Duel of the Fates by Andy Collins
      Replay the classic lightsaber duel between Darth Maul and Obi-Wan Kenobi using the Star Wars RPG combat rules.
    • Shipbuilding Secrets by Thomas M. Reid
      Here are five tips to building starships, plus a new, ready-made ship to call your own!
    • The Marvel Series by Rich Handley & Joe Bongiorno
      The University of Sambra Guide to Intelligent Life explores six alien species from the Star Wars Marvel Comics.
    • Tatooine Grudge Match by JD Wiker
      A stand-alone pod-racing game: Anakin Skywalker vs. Sebulba in a race to the finish!
    • The Anzati by JD Wiker
      Here's one alien species that shuns the spotlight. Learn the secrets of the Anzati, and play them as characters.
  • RPG Adventure:
    • Peril in the Ionosphere by Steve Miller
      A shuttle trip from Naboo goes horribly awry. A Side Trek adventure designed for the Star Wars Adventure Game.
    • Rendezvous at Ord Mantell by Andy Collins
      A rebel spy needs your help to rescue her ship from the clutches of a crime lord. An adventure designed for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game.
  • CCG Articles:
    • The Shaft: Endor's Game by Cory Herndon
      Here are some quick deckbuilding strategies to help you defeat those pesky Ewoks! For use with Decipher's Star Wars Customizable Card Game.
    • This Is Some Rescue! by Michael Mikaelian
      Learn how to crush your opponent with one swift stroke. For use with Decipher's Star Wars Customizable Card Game.
  • LucasArts Game Previews & Strategy:
    • By Haden Blackman
      Star Wars: Episode I Starfighter, Battle for Naboo, Obi-Wan, Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine, and more!

Gamer Volume 1, Number 2 (engl) / Issue 02 / 6,99 US$ / ? pages / printed in the USA / Wizards of the Coast / published: 11/2000

  • Editorial
  • Fiction:
    • Credit for Your Thoughts by Tish Eggleston Pahl & Chris Cassidy
      Fenig Nabon cuts a deal with Talon Karrde and dodges blaster bolts on the desert world of Socorro.
    • The Monster by Daniel Wallace
      An ancient leviathan helps the Royal Security Force of Naboo uncover a sinister conspiracy.
      Wurde am 19.07.2004 auf veröffentlicht.
  • RPG Articles:
    • Rogues Gallery: Pilots by Vinod Rams
      Give your favorite character a face! Whether you're a player or the Gamemaster, here are a dozen new pilots for your campaign.
    • The Corellian Shipyard by Owen K.C. Stephens
      The Millennium Falcon might be the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy, but it's not the only one. Now you can outrun bounty hunters and avoid Imperial entanglements in one of these new freighters.
    • Special Ops: Privateer by Bart Armstrong
      Protecting the homeworld is a dirty job, but . . . you know the rest! See what it takes to become an intrepid, interplanetary defender.
    • Star Wars Fast-Play Game by Bill Slavicsek, Owen K.C. Stephens, and Thomas Reid
      Explore the Star Wars roleplaying experience for the first time, or teach your friends how to find adventure in a galaxy far, far away.
    • University of Sambra Guide To Intelligent Life: The Duros by Bart Armstrong and Steve Miller with Cory Herndon
      Their world was ravaged by the Empire and conquered by the Yuuzhan Vong, but nothing can keep the Duros from finding their place among the stars.
    • Chance Cube: Manifest Destiny by Michael Mikaelian and Bart Armstrong
      Every freighter needs a cargo. Stuff your ship full of goodies with this Random Cargo Generator.
  • RPG Adventure:
    • The Lambda Heist by Peter Schweighofer
      The assignment: Steal an Imperial shuttle, or die trying! A STAR WARS Roleplaying Game adventure set during the Rebellion era.
    • Snow Job by Daniel Kaufman
      Sinister forces converge on the ice world of Ando Prime, and the heroes are caught in the crossfire. A STAR WARS Roleplaying Game adventure set during the Rise of the Empire era.
  • TCG Articles:
    • The Shaft: Rebel Squadrons by Cory Herndon
      Let Wedge Antilles and the rest of Rogue Squadron come to your rescue and send your opponent into a tailspin. For use with Decipher's STAR WARS Customizable Card Game.
    • Our Last Hope by Michael Mikaelian
      The Death Star II expansion lets you become the master of your own destiny. For use with Decipher's STAR WARS Customizable Card Game.
  • State of the Arts:
    • LucasArts Game Previews & Strategy by Haden Blackman
      An exclusive, inside look at Star Wars Episode I: Starfighter, Super Bombad Racing, Demolition, ports and platforms, and more!

Gamer Volume 1, Number 3: Droids (engl) / Issue 03 / Paperback / 6,99 US$ / 114 pages / printed in the USA / Wizards of the Coast / published: 01/2001

  • Editorial
  • Holonet Transmission:
    • Answers to Your Star Wars RPG Dilemmas
      Reading You Loud and Clear by JD Wiker
  • Fiction:
    • Bane of the Sith - The Righteous Hand of Darkness by Kevin J. Anderson
      Wurde am 19.03.2004 auf veröffentlicht.
    • An Excerpt From Conquest - Karrde . . . Talon Karrde by Greg Keyes
  • RPG Articles:
    • What Good Are Snub Fighters...? - Dogfighting Using the Silent Death Rules by Erik A. Dewey
    • Look, Sir -- Droids! - Automatic for the People by Cory J. Herndon
    • Scouting Report - Spaceports and Landing Pads by Kyle Hunter; text by Michael Mikaelian
    • The Smugglers Alliance - Talon Karrde and Friends by JD Wiker
    • The Force of Music - Creating Your Own Adventure Soundtrack: My Yoda . . . Y-Y-Y-Y-Yoda by Peter Schweighofer
    • Galaxy's Most Wanted: Mr. X -- C-3PX: Assassin - Let the Protocol Droid Win by Michael Mikaelian
    • The Shaft: Tiny Evil Seeks Fat, Slobbering Evil for Long Walks in the Desert - "My kind of scum . . .fearless and diminutive." by Cory J. Herndon
    • Disorder in the Court - The Empire Isn't the Only Force to Be Reckoned With by Michael Mikaelian
    • A Call to Arms - LucasArts Rallies for Victory with Star Wars: Battleground by Haden Blackman
  • RPG Adventure:
    • Cloud Cover by Bill Slavicsek

Gamer Volume 1, Number 4: Walk on the Wild Side (engl) / Issue 04 / Paperback / 6,99 US$ / ? pages / printed in the USA / Wizards of the Coast / erschien: 03/2001

  • Editorial
  • Holonet Transmission
  • Fiction:
    • Deep Spoilers (übersetzt in Das offizielle Magazin 94) by Ryder Windham > Inhaltsangabe
    • What They Called Me by Craig Thompson with Dave Land
      Ewoks and Wookiees learn a painful lesson in patience and humility. An exclusive feature from Dark Horse Comics.
  • Special Features:
    • Wildlife of Star Wars by Terryl Whitlatch and Bob Carrau
      Chronicle Books offers a lavish glimpse of wildlife on several Star Wars worlds. Here are some new creatures from Naboo, Tatooine, and Endor to enliven your RPG campaign!
    • Building Tatooine by H. G. Walls with Bart Armstrong
      Make an entire world out of boxes, flower pots, and lampshades. Here are some tricks of the modelmaking trade.
  • RPG Articles:
    • Starhoppers of Aduba-3 by Pablo Hidalgo
      Alliance historian Voren Na'al attempts to uncover the truth about what really happened to Han Solo and Chewbacca on that Outer Rim dustball known as Aduba-3.
    • Secrets of Kashyyyk by JD Wiker and Craig R. Carey
      Life in the trees isn't a bed of roses. Everything you should know about the Wookiee homeworld and its deadliest denizens!
    • Starfaring Jungles: The Ithorian Herdships by Peter Schweighofer
      The Yuuzhan Vong destroyed the Ithorian homeworld, but the spirit of Ithor survives aboard their great herd ships.
    • Ships of the Smugglers' Alliance by JD Wiker
      Last issue you met Talon Karrde and his band of outlaws. Now see their ships.
    • Special Ops: The Shaman by Jesse Decker
      Mix and match classes to create a character well suited for the wild life.
    • University of Sanbra Guide To Intelligent Life: The Advozsec by Cory J. Herndon
      The "masters of disaster" teach us how to survive the perils of an unforgiving galaxy.
  • RPG Adventure:
    • Kashyyyk in Flames by JD Wiker
      Trandoshan sympathizers threaten to ignite conflict in the treetops of Kashyyyk.
  • Deck Plans:
    • Reflections Island by Cory J. Herndon
      See what happens when a box of Reflections II is combined with a Hawaiian vacation.
    • Small World by Michael Mikaelian
      Breathe new life into the Star Wars CCG tournament scene with the Endor/Death Star II closed environment.
  • State of the Arts:
    • LucasArts Game Previews & Strategy by Haden Blackman
      A detailed look at the missions and secrets of Starfighter for the PlayStation 2, plus Easter eggs and cheat codes!
  • Force Feedback
  • Rogues Gallery: Treehuggers
  • Chance Cube: Critical Care

Gamer Volume 1, Number 5 (engl) / Issue 05 / Paperback / 6,99 US$ / 129 pages / printed in the USA / Wizards of the Coast / published: 05/2001

  • Editorial:
    • Yoda Don't Preach
      Editorial by Ben Harper
  • Holonet Transmission:
    • Answers to Your Star Wars RPG Dilemmas by JD Wiker
  • Fiction:
    • The Crystal (übersetzt im OSWFC-Magazin #23 & #24) by Elaine Cunningham
      Jaina Solo takes her graduation present for its first -- and perhaps final -- flight.
      Wurde am 04.06.2004 auf veröffentlicht.
    • Darkness Shared by Bill Slavicsek
      The crazed Sith marauder Kaox Krul turns the tables on a Jedi Knight and her Padawan.
      Wurde am 29.10.2004 auf veröffentlicht.
  • Special Features:
    • Words To Live By by Ebenn Q3 Baobab, with an Introduction by Jason Fry
      How do you tell a Hutt to take a flying leap into the Sarlacc pit? A linguistic excerpt from Beeps, Bleats & Boskas: The Star Wars Galaxy Phrase Book and Travel Guide from Del Rey.
    • Star Wars Silent Death -- Rise of the Empire by Erik A. Dewey
      Episode I ships and scenarios for the Silent Death starship combat game. Includes rules for gunboat-class ships.
  • RPG Articles:
    • The Emperor's Pawns by Abel Peña & Juan Schwartz with Pablo Hidalgo
      Despite what Palpatine told her, Mara Jade was not the only Emperor's Hand.
    • Seeds of Villainy by Jeff Grubb
      From the lowly thug to the scheming mastermind, learn how to create your own villains using classic archetypes.
    • The Sith Compendium by Michael Mikaelian
      Not even The Dark Side Sourcebook could contain the power of the Sith. A collection of 13 Sith starships, droids, creatures, and devices you won't find anywhere else.
    • Campaign Guide to the Centrality by Michael Kogge
      Explore a sector filled with intrigue, excitement, creatures and new technology based on L. Neil Smith's The Lando Calrissian Adventures trilogy.
    • University of Sanbra Guide To Intelligent Life: The Chiss by Pablo Hidalgo
      Unravel the secrets of the galaxy's most communal and utilitarian society. Includes species traits and equipment to create Chiss heroes and GM characters.
    • Special Ops: The Slicer by Patrick McLaughlin
      Crack into a secure system, design a custom virus, decrypt an Imperial code, or surf the HoloNet. You're a Slicer, and the galaxy is your playground.
    • Special Ops: The Charlatan by Jesse Decker
      Let Force-wielding grifters take your campaign -- and your characters -- for a ride.
  • RPG Adventure:
    • The Hutt Hit by Jeff Grubb
      War criminal Krova the Hutt finds the key to freedom from persecution: a Sith holocron. A Star Wars Roleplaying Game adventure designed for Dark Side characters.
    • Talnar's Rescue by Sterling Hershey
      Help the Rebel Alliance locate their missing "procurement agent" and his precious cargo. A Star Wars Roleplaying Game adventure set in the Rebellion era.
  • Deck Plans:
    • Tour de Force - Pyoonishin Your Opponent by Cory J. Herndon
      "You will go to the Tatooine system. There you will learn from Qui-Gon Jinn, the Jedi Master who instructed me in the art of Podracing."
    • Who's Scruffy Looking? - A Han Solo Theme Deck for Jedi Knights by Doug Taylor
    • Jedi Knights Survival Guide - Ten Tips to Tactical Triumph by Michael Mikaelian
  • Force Feedback
  • Rogues Gallery: Darksiders / Illustrated by Ramón Pérez

Gamer Volume 1, Number 6: The Hunt is on (engl) / Issue 06 / Paperback / 6,99 US$ / 113 pages / printed in the USA / Wizards of the Coast / published: 07/2001

  • Editorial
  • Holonet Transmission:
    • Answers to Your Star Wars RPG Dilemmas by JD Wiker
  • Fiction:
    • Rebel Bass by Kathy Tyers
      Far Cry is just another backwater barn band trying to make it big on the dusk music scene. Or are they? Vye player Ry Ancum has a secret even his bandmates don't know.
  • Special Features:
    • The Battle of Hoth by Ryan Miller
      Command AT-ATs, snowspeeders, and whole infantry platoons in one of the most pivotal battles in galactic history.
    • Model Citizen: The Death Star by H.G. Walls and Nanette Gundt
      Create a miniature technological terror out of cardboard, spare parts, and a little bit of ingenuity. Plus, all-new matching floor plans suitable for photocopying.
  • RPG Articles:
    • How the Other Half Hunts by Michael Mikaelian
      Three of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy revel in the spotlight. A Rebellion Era Sourcebook supplement.
    • Bounties to Die For by S. Mitch Ritchie
      Want to earn some ready cash? If so, here are ten tempting targets from the IPKC database you're sure to find challenging.
    • Combat Tactics for Survival by Stephen Schubert
      There's more to personnel combat than point and shoot. Learn how to work as a team, and everyone goes home.
    • Usual Suspects by Andrew Hind
      Come face-to-face with some of Dark Horse Comics' most memorable characters.
    • University of Sanbra Guide to Intelligent Life: The Nikto by Cory J. Herndon
      No ecological niche is too strange for these long-time slaves to the Hutts.
    • Special Ops: The Freelancer by Jesse Decker
      If you find this hero lurking in the shadows, you're either working with him or as good as dead.
  • RPG Adventure:
    • Welcome to the Jungle by Darrin Drader, Steve Miller, Bart Armstrong, and Brandon McLendon
      A decades-old revenge plot traps the heroes in a herdship habitat with little more than their skills to save them. A Star Wars Roleplaying Game adventure.
  • Deck Plans:
    • The Shaft-Swoop Dreams by Cory J. Herndon
      Put together your own Dark Side swoop gang for the Star Wars CCG.
    • Building the Death Star II by Doug Taylor
      Rule the galaxy by fear with your fully operational Death Star. Can you succeed where Emperor Palpatine failed?
  • State of the Arts:
    • LucasArts Game Previews & Strategy by Haden Blackman
      If you missed this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, you don't want to miss this recap; Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds offers a unique real-time strategy experience. Plus player-vs.-player news for Star Wars Galaxies.

Gamer Volume 2, Number 1: Fringe Benefits (engl) / Issue 07 / Paperback / 6,99 US$ / 130 pages / printed in the USA / Wizards of the Coast / published: 11/2001

  • Editorial
  • Jedi Counseling:
    • Rogues Gallery: Fringers
  • Fiction:
  • Special Features:
    • Star Wars Silent Death by Erik A. Dewey
      The New Jedi Order invades Silent Death. Includes new rules for colossal-sized starships, three new starship cards, three scenarios, and a rules summary.
  • RPG Articles:
    • Next Stop, Bartyn's Landing by Cory J. Herndon
      An all-new campaign setting! Explore the seafaring fringe town of Bartyn's Landing.
    • Secrets of Mos Eisley by Peter Schweighoffer
      A Secrets of Tatooine supplement, with five new encounters, including an updated map of this wretched hive of scum and villainy.
    • Starships of the Bounty Hunters by Owen K.C. Stephens
      Few have ever seen the inside of these five starships. Now you can be one of them and live to tell the tale.
    • Alien Anthology Addendum by Steve Miller
      The universe is a big place, so it's easy to lose track of a few species. You won't find the Defel, Sarkan, or Tirrith in Alien Anthology. You'll find them only in this issue.
    • Star Wars: Silent Death: The New Jedi Order
    • Reckonings
    • Galaxy's Most Wanted by Michael Mikaelian
      "The Jundland wastes are not to be traveled lightly." This roving band of Tusken Raiders prove old Ben Kenobi's warning is a sound one.
    • University of Sanbra Guide to Intelligent Life: The Anx by Craig Carey, Jason Fry & Daniel Wallace
      Ever get the feeling some beings can see right through you? If the being in question is an Anx, it can . . . sort of.
    • Special Ops: Dilettante by Jesse Decker
      If you're looking for something nobler than your average scoundrel, this class combo fits the bill and tips you with variant class abilities and multiclassing advice.
    • Special Ops: Vehicle Ace by Michael Mikaelian
      Not every ace pilot takes to the stars. This new prestige class includes a new feat and new racing swoop.
  • Deck Plans:
    • The Shaft: Dark Lord Walking by Cory J. Herndon
      The Shaft switches gears to bring you a Vader theme deck for Decipher's new Jedi Knights trading card game.
    • Rebel Commandos by Doug Taylor
      The Tatooine expansion gives Star Wars CCG players the final pieces to get into the bunker, set their charges, and get out in time for the big boom.
  • State of the Arts:
    • LucasArts Game Previews & Strategy by Haden Blackman
      Relive classic Star Wars battles from Luke and Wedge's perspectives as Rogue Leader. Also: an essential guide to Obi-Wan as this groundbreaking game explodes onto Xbox; beginner's guide and strategy tips for Galactic Battlegrounds; Knights of the Old Republic art revealed!
    • Obi-Wan
    • Galactic Battlegrounds
    • Knights Of The Old Republic
    • Jedi Mind Tricks
  • Force Feedback

Gamer Volume 2, Number 2: The New Jedi Order (engl) / Issue 08 / Paperback / 6,99 US$ / 130 pages / printed in the USA / Wizards of the Coast / published: 01/2002

  • Editorial
  • Jedi Counseling
  • Fiction:
    • Emissary of the Void 1: Battle on Bonadan by Greg Keyes
      The adventure begins! Ulder Lochet signed on to be a hero, but he had no idea the kind of trouble it would get him into. The first episode of a new, six-part serial epic.
      Wurde am 31.03.2006 auf veröffentlicht.
    • The Apprentice by Elaine Cunningham
      How far will Jaina Solo go for revenge against the Yuuzhan Vong? A new story set during the events of the upcoming Star Wars: The New Jedi Order -- Dark Journey novel.
      Wurde am 22.12.2004 auf veröffentlicht.
  • Special Features:
    • Model Citizen: Chalmun's Cantina by H.G. Walls
      Take your chances wandering around this custom-built model of the Mos Eisley cantina. A special action-figure-scale model of the most notorious watering hole on Tatooine.
  • RPG Articles:
    • Spaceport Guide: Vaynai Archipelago by Peter Schweighofer
      Airspace comes at a premium on Vaynai. Learn about the unique cultures high above and deep inside this little-known society's rocky spires.
    • I, Yuuzhan Vong by Daniel Wallace
      Whether you want to scout the galaxy in preparation of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, battle the infidels, or create an all-Yuuzhan Vong campaign, here are the tools you need to play Yuuzhan Vong "heroes." For use with The New Jedi Order Sourcebook.
    • Faster, Starfighter! Kill! Kill! by JD Wiker
      Because you demanded it, Wizards of the Coast R&D delivers grid-based starship combat fully compatible with the Star Wars Roleplaying Game -- presented here for the first time.
    • Galaxy's Most Wanted by Bill Slavicsek
      Farmboy. Dreamer. Rebel hero. Father of The New Jedi Order. Luke Skywalker has done it all and then some. See what makes this Jedi Master tick.
    • Dice, Camera, Action! by Robin D. Laws
      Infuse your game with cinematic grandeur with advice from one of gaming's most acclaimed designers and film buffs.
    • Sanbra's Guide: The Priapulin by Craig C. Carey, Jason Fry, and Daniel Wallace
      You wouldn't expect a pacifist species to last long in the war-torn Star Wars galaxy. Learn about Priapulin life, culture, history, and contributions to the struggle against the Vong.
    • Special Ops: The Sector Ranger by James Maliszewski
      For centuries, the Sector Rangers have kept order throughout the galaxy during the Old Republic, the Galactic Empire, and now the New Republic.
    • Special Ops: The Mercenary by Jesse Decker
      Does the soldier class alone have what it takes to keep your mercenary hero alive? If not, this soldier/scoundrel class combo lets you create the perfect soldier of fortune. Includes alternate abilities and a brief history of the Brotherhood Mortalis.
  • RPG Adventure:
    • Hive of the Infidel by David Noonan with Peter Schweighofer
      Malik Carr has handpicked you to infiltrate the freighter Chilastra and capture a Jedi to offer to the gods. Failure is not an option. A Star Wars Roleplaying Game adventure for Yuuzhan Vong heroes.
    • Topside Infiltration by Peter Schweighofer
      Gallo Memm's palatial estate lies atop one of Vaynai's spires, and in its most impenetrable vault awaits a fabled suit of Fenelar armor. Are you sentient enough to take it? A Star Wars Roleplaying Game adventure suitable for any era of play.
  • Deck Plans:
    • These days, the Star Wars CCG is rife with alternative forms of "fighting": political effects, senators, Podracers, and, of course, those pesky duels. This month's plummet down "The Shaft" takes advantage of some powerful Coruscant cards to return the focus to good old-fashioned bloodshed.
  • State of the Arts:
    • LucasArts Game Previews and Strategy by Haden Blackman
      Master Xbox's new Star Wars: Obi-Wan with this complete level-by-level walkthrough. Gamer's exclusive Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds strategy guide gives you the intelligence you need to conquer these key levels.
  • Rogues Gallery: Yuuzhan Vong / Illustrated by Jeff Carlisle
    It might seem like a bit of art-direction irony to feature one of Gamer's finest hard-tech illustrators to render a species that has a pathological hatred of machinery, but Jeff Carlisle has proven he was the right man for the job. Jeff called upon his encyclopedic knowledge of The New Jedi Order to put a pen to this panel of pug-ugly pierced protagonists. Icky.
  • Jedi Mind Tricks
    Welcome once again, young Padawan! Your ongoing Jedi training now requires you to master the discipline of logical inference in astronavigation.

Gamer Volume 2, Number 3: Starfighters (engl) / Issue 09 / Paperback / 6,99 US$ / 114 pages / printed in the USA / Wizards of the Coast / published: 03/2002

  • Editorial
  • Jedi Counseling
  • Fiction:
    • Emissary of the Void 2: Dark Tidings by Greg Keyes
  • RPG Articles:
    • Endor & The Moddell Sector by Craig C. Carey, Jason Fry & Daniel Wallace
      "Great historical events don't always take place against an interesting backdrop -- astrocartographically speaking, you could pick half a million sectors on the edge of Wild Space and find more striking phenomena than the Moddell offers. Still, while I don't need to see an abandoned bunker or a black spot where someone put a Sith Lord to the torch, I would like to see that diamond core they found around the Din Pulsar. And I wouldn't pass up some time on the Ast Kikorie array, if only to take a look around. That's the thing about these half-explored sectors -- you never know when you might stumble across something fascinating." -- Beryl Suttrige, Ur-Dean Emeritus, College of Astrocartography, Charmath
    • On Wings of Rogues by J. Swallow
      The bravery of starfighter pilots is a key element in the Star Wars galaxy, from the attacks on the Death Stars to the defense of Naboo and the exploits of Rogue Squadron. For the Star Wars Gamemaster, the fighter squadron represents a perfect structure for an ongoing campaign: A strong setting that can provide numerous adventures across the galaxy -- and not just for pilots and their R2 units.
    • Wraith Squadron by Joshua Radke
      Meet author Aaron Alston's band of misfits straight from the pages of Lucasbooks's blockbuster X-Wing series of novels and comics.
    • Running the Belt by JD Wiker
      Belt-Runner I is standing by for your first flight into the Dubrillion asteroid field.
    • Sanbra's Guide: The Nosaurian by Craig C. Carey, Jason Fry & Daniel Wallace
      From the Desk of Professor Eliss
      It was just last semester, and the bubble of security in which I had allowed myself to wallow since my return to Sanbra had yet to be popped by the nightly updates on the progress of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. The girl was a youngish Nosaurian aide in Professor Eppington's department. I'd passed her hundreds of times in the hall, but of course Sanbra is a big place. The senior staff was in the lounge, all buzzing about the Vong attack on Yag'Dhul, when we heard a roar so loud and abrupt I thought an air hose had slipped its fittings.
      Through the window we saw her on her knees in the courtyard, surrounded by fallen datacards, her arms rigid and her hands squeezing emptiness. That terrible drone only grew louder, as if something were reaching through her parted teeth and yanking the sound from deep in her gut. Most of the onlookers hurried past, embarrassed, while others tried to speak to her but could see no cognition in those blank eyes. Eventually campus security anesthetized her and loaded her into the medic's speeder.
      We later learned her homeworld had been wiped clean by the Vong. I'm ashamed to admit I didn't even know her name.
    • Dice, Camera, Action! by Robin D. Laws
      Welcome to part two in an ongoing series that ransacks the techniques of moviemaking for use in our roleplaying games. Last time we introduced the concept of structure, which helps you give your adventures a sense of coherence and forward momentum. Then we showed how structures arise out of the goals of the main characters. Now it's time to connect those two things.
    • Special Ops: The Jedi Weapon Master by Owen K.C. Stephens
      Although it is true that a Jedi's greatness does not come from his martial ability, it is also true that some threats to peace and justice can be met only with force. While all Jedi receive some training in combat, a very few make fighting the central focus of their union with the Force. The Jedi are weapon masters, adepts of various styles of melee combat.
    • Special Ops: The Battle Empath by Jesse Decker
      Throughout the galaxy, many seek to master the secrets of the Force, exploring its mysteries and surrounding them with peaceful contemplation. From the Jedi Council on Coruscant to the witches of Dathomir, devotees achieve fearsome prowess in combat by first mastering the Force. Prevalent in most eras of play, the Jedi identify most Force users and recruit them to become Jedi hopefuls, but there are still many who escape their notice. These Force users follow their own traditions, exploring the mysteries of the Force as their culture dictates. Most become healers and sages within their communities, never knowing that the intuition that guides them is actually the Force. A few, however, choose to experience a wider world, seeking new challenges and new dangers. To these characters, it is danger that forces them to master themselves and strengthens their bond with the Force.
  • RPG Adventure:
    • Race for the Tessent by Craig C. Carey, Jason Fry & Daniel Wallace
      "The Tessant? Half-meter-tall chunk of rock. Clear in places, kind of milky in others, with these bands of color running through it. Folks from Alsakan think it looks like a farlus hawk with a felinx head, but I never thought so. The Ayrou? Maybe it was theirs. But if the featherheads think so, means their guys couldn't sculpt either. That's kind of funny - you'd think two planets could find a decent artist between 'em so there wouldn't be this wild gundark chase. Tell you where I saw it? Not for all the t'bac on Annaj, mah bukee. You want the Tessant, you're on your own."
  • Deck Plans:
    • The Force Will Be With You by Michael G. Ryan
      Wizards of the Coast unveils the all-new Star Wars Trading Card Game. Get an exclusive first look at this exciting game.
  • State of the Arts:
    • Star Wars Jedi Starfighter by Eric Bratcher
      In February 2001, the original Star Wars Starfighter took the video game world by storm. The first Star Wars-themed game to be released for Sony's PlayStation 2, it boasted addictive, arcade-style flight combat, beautiful graphics, and creative missions that immediately earned the deserved praise of both fans and critics alike. All the more impressive then that the sequel, Star Wars Jedi Starfighter, doesn't just look to be every bit as good as its progenitor -- it looks to be a whole lot better.
    • Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast by Elliott Chin
      The Star Wars galaxy is filled with individuals destined to become Jedi. It is as if the Force itself manipulates events to place lightsabers in their hands. Most of them already yearn to be Jedi, so their hunger and the will of the Force meet in a fortuitous intersection of desire and destiny. Others never wanted to become Jedi and resist the call of the Force, but they still cannot escape their destiny. Whether or not they accept their fate, they are Jedi at the core.
    • Star Wars Galaxies Update by Haden Blackman
      As Star Wars Galaxies continues towards its Fall 2002 release, the Development Team is eagerly awaiting the beginning of the Public Test period (sometimes referred to as the "Open Beta"), in which thousands of gamers will finally get to playtest the Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG) and experience the virtual Star Wars galaxy firsthand. The Public Test will officially unveil many aspects of the game, allowing the developers to evaluate their decisions and adjust the game as necessary. But what, exactly, do the developers do during the Public Test (besides playing the game themselves)? Read on to learn how they plan to spend their time.
    • Copy That, Rogue Leader by Cory J. Herndon
      Rogue Leader has a lot of features in common with Rogue Squadron -- including the Death Star Trench Run -- and the designers haven't gone out of their way to fix what wasn't broken about the previous game. The point-of-view and combat controls are virtually the same, albeit with much updated, crisper, more cinematic graphics. Your selection of Rebel starfighters is pretty much the same stable of Letter-wings and speeders -- the all-around useful X-wing, the sturdy and sluggish Y-wing, the speedy A-wing, the deadly B-wing, and the AT-AT-smashing snowspeeder.
    • Galactic Battlegrounds - Multiplayer Mastery by Haden Blackman
      So, you've completed all five campaigns and have mastered the intricacies of the single-player game. You've led Vader to victory, commanded Chewbacca and his Wookiee brethren in their war with the Empire, and aided the Gungans in repelling the Trade Federation. Now you're ready for the game's true challenge -- your friends. Galactic Battlegrounds includes a multi-player mode that allows you to compete against up to seven other flesh-and-blood players. But before you hop onto the Internet or your LAN, study up on the tactics below, provided by Galactic Battleground's multiplayer expert, Matthew Keast.

Gamer Volume 2, Number 4 (engl) / Issue 10 / Paperback / 6,99 US$ / ? pages / printed in the USA / Wizards of the Coast / published: 04/2002

  • Editorial:
    • What Kind of Gamer are You?
  • Jedi Counseling:
    • Answers to Your Star Wars RPG Dilemmas by JD Wiker
  • Fiction:
    • Emissary of the Void 3: The War on Wayland by Greg Keyes
      The No Luck Required lies powerless, leaking air in the middle of nowhere. Will Uldir Lochet's crew survive? Part 3 of our exclusive The New Jedi Order-Emissary of the Void serial epic...
    • Handoff by Timothy Zahn
      Despite her training as an Emperor's Hand, even Mara Jade is compelled to help a lost kid manipulated by forces beyond his control...
      Wurde am 02.07.2004 auf veröffentlicht.
  • Special Features:
    • All's Fair in Life and Stratego - How to Win at the New Star Wars Board Games by Rob Daviau
      With the release of Attack of the Clones come new games, and Hasbro's 2002 Star Wars board games run the gamut from simple to challenging. Here's a look at four of the new games and their best basic strategies. Epic Duels offers the highest level of strategy and tactics for dedicated gamers. The Game of Life: A Jedi's Path and Jedi Unleashed are straightforward games that offer light strategy for serious gamers but are easy for less sophisticated gamers to learn. Star Wars Stratego presents a greater challenge, and the new powers in the game offer fresh opportunities for Stratego players to outwit their opponents.
    • Model Citizen: The Lars Homestead by H.G. Walls
      Among the new and exciting settings that appear in Attack of the Clones is an old familiar one -- the Lars Homestead. It's where Luke Skywalker's epic adventures began 25 years ago, and the site plays a pivotal role in Episode II (and presumably in Episode III as well). Roam the halls, visit the garage, and peer into the many chambers of this family moisture farm.
  • RPG Articles:
    • Galactic Power Brokers - The Light and Dark Sides of Coruscant by JD Wiker
      The vast galaxy is still too small for all of its worlds to coexist peacefully. The Republic Senate does what it can to bring about non-violent solutions through diplomacy from the city-planet of Coruscant. Of course, wherever there is civilization, there is a criminal underworld lurking in the shadows.
    • Star Wars Roleplaying Game - A Revised Rulebook Companion by JD Wiker
      The latest version of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game is available now. Thanks to customer feedback, the revised rules capture the action of the Star Wars galaxy better than ever. Moving from the old rules to the new requires virtually no adjustment, but die-hard gamers will want to know just how to tweak their characters to take best advantage of the revised edition. For players, adapting a beloved character could mean anything from adjusting a skill bonus here and adding a feat there, to completely rebuilding your character from scratch. In most cases, you'll be able to adapt a villain or supporting character with just a few notes in the margin.
    • Droid Starships - The Corellian Engineering/Loronar Series by Owen K.C. Stephens
      The idea of a droid starship has long seemed a good one. In theory, mating a droid brain with the power and utility of a starship should create an extremely useful tool. Droid starships need little in the way of supplies and are unlikely to mutiny or grow lax in their duties. Especially for thankless jobs such as exploration, patrol, and "milk run" cargo routes, droid starships look attractive on paper, and the desire of military planners for a competent droid warship is legendary.
      Unfortunately, droid starship designs rarely meet these expectations. Even the most complex droid rarely begins performing its job perfectly, needing a few months or years to settle in to a particular set of tasks as its owners fine-tune its factory settings. This shakedown period can result in expensive disasters. Droid starships are also subject to reprogramming, and most are vulnerable to ion weapons (once shut down by an ion weapon, the starship cannot restart itself and requires external assistance). Despite these drawbacks, numerous shipyards and droid manufacturers have set up joint divisions to design and build droid starships in the hopes of overcoming the inherent problems.
    • University of Sanbra's Guide to Intelligent Life - The Clawdites by Craig R. Carey, Jason Fry " Daniel Wallace
      From the Desk of Professor Eliss:
      I have never told the full story of how I escaped the Emperor's thugs and fled Sanbra to a temporary life in exile on Krinemonen III. Until the signing of the peace accords between the Empire and the New Republic, I never felt safe enough to tell it. Were it not for Professor Mankuskett and his mysterious friend, I would surely have been caught by an Imperial death squad and shot through the brainpan for failing to promote the lie of human superiority.
      Mankuskett and a comrade had accompanied me away from campus to the quiet landing pads south of the Shoapy Hostel. At the outskirts, however, a squad of COMPNOR officers blocked the roadway, their lumas shining in our faces. My hearts sinking, I swiveled my eyestalks toward my companions and nearly cried out when I discovered that Mankuskett's friend had vanished. Where a slender Nikto had been just moments ago stood a fresh-faced human man wearing the green uniform and bristle-cut of an Intelligence recruit.
      "Two dissidents," he said, nodding toward Mankuskett and me. "Shuttling them to the Valiant for questioning."
      As we cleared the roadblock and reached the safety of our own ship, I remembered one of the many titles Mankuskett held at Sanbra -- Chair of the Council on Metagrowth and Polymorphism. I never found out whether my benefactor was, in fact, a Clawdite, but the fact remains that I owe the last twenty-five years of my life to a changeling's quick thinking.
    • Special Ops -- Prestige Class: The Sharpshooter by Gary M. Sarli
      The sharpshooter is the master of long-range combat, preferring to engage his enemies from hundreds of meters away. Stealth is his greatest asset, the ability to strike a target without warning and with uncanny accuracy. His patience, control, and cunning make him one of the most feared opponents in the galaxy.
      Many sharpshooters are members of military organizations. They often operate with a spotter, infiltrating deep into enemy territory and eliminating high-profile targets, sowing confusion and fear in the ranks of the opposition. Sometimes, sharpshooter teams are attached to other military units. One of the most famous sharpshooters in the New Republic was Myn Donos, a former member of the Corellian militia who earned his bloodstripes as a sniper. His shooting and flying skill prompted Wedge Antilles to recruit him as a member of Wraith Squadron, the New Republic Special Forces group that was instrumental in defeating Warlord Zsinj.
    • Special Ops -- Archetypes: The Medic by Gary M. Sarli
      The Star Wars galaxy is a dangerous place, where even brief bouts of combat can turn deadly in seconds. From lightsabers to blaster bolts, there are countless ways a being can get crushed, maimed, burned, sliced, or blasted. In those dire times, the skills of a talented healer become the most needed. While doctors, surgeons, and specialists use clean facilities and bulky bacta tanks, the medic is the hero in the field who can patch up your wounds and send you back into the fray in a matter of moments.
      Medics are doctors or surgeons who perform their practice in and around combat zones. They almost always have some sort of military training, even if it is only a small amount, and they can fend for themselves when the blaster bolts start flying. Although their focus is on the healing arts, they require basic weapons and armor training to survive amid such imminent danger, and most spend enough time fighting for their lives that they become quite good at it. No stranger to the grisly aftermath of warfare, the medic remains collected and in control even in the most intense situations.
    • Callsigns: Names of Kashyyyk by Owen K.C. Stephens
      Names in the Star Wars galaxy have a particular feel, and it's often hard for anyone to come up with enough good ones for characters. Though it's clearly impossible to cover naming conventions for every alien species in the Star Wars universe, "Callsigns" tries to present some of the more common species. In this installment, we look at the names of Kashyyyk, native planet of the Wookiees.
      Wookiees have been part of galactic civilization for centuries. They were respected members of the Old Republic, but the Empire reduced these noble giants to a slave species, forcing them into labor camps from whence they were rarely seen again. With the restoration of the New Republic, the Wookiees have once again begun to interact regularly with other species on equal terms.
  • RPG Adventure:
    • Jedi's Legacy by S. John Ross
      "Jedi's Legacy" is a Star Wars Roleplaying Game adventure that you play by yourself. As you play, you'll encounter instructions that tell you what section to read next. Don't read ahead; the numbered sections won't make sense in the order presented, and the secrets of the adventure could be revealed too soon. Once you've familiarized yourself with your character and the rule sidebars, you're ready to begin your adventure!
      You are Nason Laric. The early stages of your Jedi training ended three years ago at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, and since then you have traveled the galaxy in the company of Niquon, the Jedi Master who took you as his Padawan learner. For much of that time, you have lived in the treacherous mountains of Skalokor, the second moon of Yabosta. Niquon has a sanctuary here carved into the side of a remote mountain. The native species are the Dolandu, white-furred humanoids who respect the Jedi. The few locals aware of Niquon's sanctuary help him trade for supplies discreetly.
      Your adventure begins . . . You stand on a natural stone bridge spanning a narrow gorge, high in the mountains of Skalokor. You're grateful that you can't see the shadowed forest hundreds of meters below as you dodge your Master's lightsaber attacks. You flip backward, land on your hands, and bend to avoid the deadly white energy of Niquon's blade.
    • Standoff on Leritor / An adventure by Peter Schweighofer
      "Help! Help! This is the combine-reaper Gevion. We require immediate assistance. A Sauvax army has besieged us, surrounding our harvester and blocking our path. Although they've taken no hostile action, we fear they might swarm the harvester and slaughter our crew. Please send assistance immediately. Help!"
      Hostilities have never erupted in all the years colonists have inhabited Leritor, until the harvester Gevion is mysteriously besieged by a mob of angry Sauvax. A Star Wars Roleplaying Game adventure suitable for any era of play.
  • Deck Plans:
    • You Are Not a Jedi Yet
      Learning the New Star Wars Trading Card Game / by Michael G. Ryan
      Whether you know the power of the dark side or consider yourself firmly allied with the light side, the new Star Wars trading card game from Wizards of the Coast is bound to recharge your lightsaber. Two players face off to do battle in three different arenas (Space, Ground, and Character), with victory going to the player who controls two of the three arenas. Learning the game is easy -- its design allows for three different stages of play, from a playmat of the simplest rules, to the addition of more advanced rules that let you play with all the cards in the two-player starter game, to the final expert rules stage. Mastering the game, however, may require you to do a bit more than stretch out with your feelings.
  • State of the Arts:
    • Star Wars: Bounty Hunter by Eric Bratcher
    • Knights of the Old Republic - Before the Dark Times by Elliott Chin
    • Turn n' Burn - Earn a First-Place Finish in Star Wars: Racer Revenge by Scott Steinberg
    • Knight Moves - Jedi Starfighter Basic Strategy Guide by Brett Rector
    • Galaxies Update - Explore the Galaxy, or Cut Hair -- The Choice is Yours by Haden Blackman
  • Rogues Gallery: City Slickers / Illustrated by Kyle Stanley Hunter
  • Dice, Camera, Action!
    The Big Twist / by Robin D. Laws